Construction Management

Mick Basford Construction Manager

Mick’s career in the aquatics industry began at an early age. His father owned a swimming pool and concrete construction business in Northeast Missouri and when Mick wasn’t attending school he was working alongside his father. Working for the family business, Mick learned that the key to success is hard work. He also gained the understanding that each pool should be built as if it were going in his own backyard.

Mick became a partner in the family business in 1993 where he ran the retail division and managed construction crews. In the winter of 1999 he left the family business and found the warm sunny beaches of Fort Lauderdale.

Mick worked for one of Florida’s largest commercial pool contractors and became familiar with high rise pool construction, as his company was building 75% of the new high rise construction in South Beach. Mick moved on to become a construction manager for one of Southern Florida’s largest residential pool companies which constructed an average of over 900 pools per year. In this position, Mick oversaw the construction of 35-45 pools at one time and found his excellent communication skills to be an asset.

In 2005 Hurricane Wilma struck Southern Florida and the housing market started to fall. Mick moved from the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale to the cold grey skies of Seattle in 2008 to begin his career at TPC. He started as a Project Foreman and quickly advanced to Construction Manager in 2010. Mick currently oversees multiple projects throughout the country for TPC. His strong work ethic and extensive knowledge of the aquatics construction industry have been key factors in the continued growth and success of the company.


Stuart Pickell Construction Manager

Stuart joined The Pool Company, Inc. in 2005 with more than 20 years of experience as a mechanical pipefitter specializing in the construction of water treatment facilities. As a young boy, Stuart discovered his love for fitting pipe while working for the city of Washburn, North Dakota. From a young age his keen eye for detail, vast array of talents and outstanding work ethic have continuously been the foundation for his successful career.

Stuart’s mechanical inclination has aided him in attaining work and achieving in various occupational settings, which has also prepared him for his work with TPC. Stuart’s industry highlights include work for large construction companies building: power plants, waste water treatment facilities, hydro dams, and mine smelters. Over the years, Stuart’s great personality and strong work ethic have helped him to advance through the ranks to Construction Manager.

Stuart began his TPC career in Missoula, Montana building the Missoula Aquatic Center, which features both indoor and outdoor aquatic facilities. Stuart found that his many years of experience transferred easily to the aquatics industry. He soon grasped the love of creating well-built and esthetically appealing aquatic centers.

It goes without saying that Stuart “mans a tight ship.” His outstanding ability to see what others overlook sets him apart from his competitors. Whether it’s digging ditches or analyzing blue prints to determine a take-off list of supplies for the next job, Stuart always ensures that the job is done right.

When Stuart is not working for TPC he enjoys taking care of his home and property in Lolo, Montana. He also enjoys spending time on his Harley-Davidson motorcycle, cruising around the gorgeous mountains of Montana. Work or play, Stuart always enjoys giving life his best.

Steve Scott Construction Manager

Steve started with The Pool Company Inc. in 2008 as a Project Superintendent. After completing some of the company’s largest projects, Steve was promoted to Construction Manager. With him to this position Steve brings over 40 years of experience in the swimming pool industry from a family tradition and legacy started before his birth.

In the late 70’s around the Las Angeles area, branching out from his father’s pool business, Steve began his own legacy in in the pool industry with his own pool business in the construction phase of the process. Earning a reputation of a strong work ethic and a quality product Steve’s business soared becoming a well-known swimming pool subcontractor in the Southern California area.

Being quite a family man with his wife Lori and their 6 children, Steve and his family moved to Idaho just outside of Boise in the early 90’s. Carrying with him the family legacy and his own perseverance Steve quickly attained a position with Idaho’s premier custom pool builder and was soon head of the construction department. As Steve continued to educate himself in the industry, Steve also became synonymous with pool building in the state of Idaho delivering top product and innovated techniques mastered through years of pool building.

Steve brings to the table some of the companies most in depth knowledge and experience, but what truly sets him apart from his years of experience and knowledge in our field is his determination and ability to pass along his information in his side by side education. At the end of the day, Steve won’t leave a job not done right, and he won’t sleep without you understanding why it was done that way.

When Steve has his down time, he spends as much of it as he can surrounding himself with family. With a rich deep understanding for family he has raised a large loving family that he finds himself constantly communicating with and enjoying life.

What sets TPC apart from its competitors?

Diversity, flexibility, willingness and knowledge.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?

The ability to constantly challenge myself as well as teach others.

Stephen Vigil Start-Up Specialist

Stephen began working for The Pool Company, Inc. in January of 2014. He began his career in aquatics with the City and County of Denver in May of 2001 where he started as a lifeguard at Garfield Park. With the City of Denver he held every aquatic position from lifeguard up to aquatic coordinator. In 2010 he moved into the maintenance division where he was responsible for safely operating and maintaining all 29 aquatic facilities within the city. Stephen now works for The Pool Company as a Startup Specialist where he provides start up services and commissioning of the mechanical systems for TPC’s completed projects. Stephen also provides training to the owners and operators of these facilities. Stephen is a Certified Pool and Spa Operator (CPO) and a Certified Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO).

What sets TPC apart from its competitors?

I love how this company stands behind its product. I have come across very few business that will continue to work with a customer long after a project has been completed and continue to make sure that the swimming pools that we build are properly maintained and functional as well as making sure that the people operating these facilities are properly educated on the equipment that we provide. TPC is constantly learning about new and old technologies in order to stay up to date on changes within the industry and making sure that the employees are properly trained on every piece of equipment that we install and train on.

What are your favorite hobbies outside of work?

I really enjoy learning and staying up to date with technology. I am a computer nerd and I enjoy building my own custom PC’s and making it into an art form. I enjoy woodworking and building my own furniture as well and getting outside and enjoying nature with my dog Gemma. I was a snowboard instructor for a few seasons when I lived in Denver and I still love to get out and ride some fresh back country powder when I can. I also enjoy teaching anything that I know to anyone that is interested in learning.